Hassle-free Artificial Christmas Trees

Our high quality and affordable Christmas trees are the shinning star in commercial holiday decor! Why is that? 1) Because they literally shine! We put more than 100 lights per foot of foliage on our trees. 2) Our trees are equipped with Instant Power and Ready Shape technologies. These two patent protected technologies take the hassle out of setting up and lighting our Christmas trees.

So, how long does it take to set up our trees? About 60 seconds or less (no, I’m not kidding). Our trees come in four pieces, so all you have to do is connect the pieces together and WALLAH, you’ve got your self a Christmas tree in seconds!


What is Instant Power Technology? IPT ends the safety hazard of having numerous lighting wires and plugins around your tree. The electrical wires for the lights are ran through each section through a pole. After connecting all of the tree’s sections you only plug-in one wire into a socket and instantly the tree lights up in its entirety.

What is Ready Shape Technology? All of our trees come with Ready Shape Technology. meaning the foliage of the tree requires no shaping once the tree is set up. The limbs fall into place, leaving the perfect amount of space for any size ornaments and a realistic and freshly cut appearance.

Call Champion Studios today for pricing and information.

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